Businesses today operate in a challenging economic climate, where new technologies, evolving customer demand, and societal changes require greater adaptability, flexibility, and resilience. Whichever direction your business needs to take, Marla Investments can help.

If your business is looking for help in the challenging dynamics of the current marketplace, then Marla Investments can assist you in planning and anticipating changes ahead of time. Requirements can be tailored regardless of scale, from implementing effective strategic improvements to designing and instigating organisation-wide transformation. Whatever depth of support you require, the focus of this partnership would be developing a culture around the people that shape your business by valuing and protecting the emotional connection that leads to sustainable change and an evolving platform.

Listening to you and your customers

Businesses that get out of difficult situations are often the ones that were able to identify the problems and manage short-term and long-term ambitions. No matter the size of your organisation, having that guidance to support you to resolve any problems and establish future strategies is important to grow and prosper.

Cashflow forecasting and management  

Even businesses with great ideas sometimes fail because of cashflow problems.

Getting cashflow right should be one of your first priorities as a business when you start, and it should always be monitored as you grow, as multiple problems could arise at once including additional debts, missed opportunities to grow, reduced employee morale and more. Getting cashflow right is always a priority as a business but sometimes it requires carefully managing to make sure that you don’t get into trouble. Having someone who can help smooth cashflow and manage any roadblocks can make all the difference .

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Business strategy

All businesses need a roadmap to financial growth and success but, when you’re managing your organisation, it can be difficult to know which direction of travel to take. Having the support when developing an effective business strategy is vital as this can range from setting initial goals to timeframes and reviews, and any wrong steps in communication can then have a lasting effect.

Business Culture

Creating a strong and diverse culture helps you to attract and retain the best talent, reducing employee turnover and improving collaboration between team members. However, knowing where to start is difficult and having support from people who are very experienced in turning around company culture is invaluable.



Listening to you and your customers

Exit Planning

Protecting your legacy. Planning for your future. Exit Planning made easier by selling to Marla.

Investment Criteria

We acquire businesses from SME owners that are seeking investment and business development support

About Marla

Marla Ubhi has earned a renowned reputation for her work and is one of the leading authorities on emotionally intelligent acquisitions.

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